Kleysenz technology(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

Kleysenz technology(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional OEM manufacturer of Mechanical parts and electronic products. The company focuses on automotive, medical equipment, food and beverage equipment, as well as bathroom hardware businesses. And products are mainly sold to the German market. We provide personalized customization services such as R&D, production management, quality control and international logistics according to customers’ requirements. Our low-cost production capability is located in low-cost regions of China. This enables us to provide our customers with competitive manufacturing costs.

Core Business



Quality Control

Supply Chain Management


Kleysenz's development team works with clients to make their dreams come true and ensure products of the highest quality.
Kleysenz's team is united, but also has individual purposes to realize the individual desires of its customers.
Kleysenz offers customers a range of solutions, from design, construction, sampling, to manufacturing.
Kleysenz's experience team gives you fast and efficient service on Cost effective solutions.

Our strength

  • We know European culture and values very well
  • We know the German quality standard
  • Smooth communication
  • Countless suppliers in different industries offering favorable prices
  • Professional development team
  • Fast acting on customer and market demand
  • Offer the best service, not only with the products


Our Customers